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Let’s face it, we do so many everyday tasks through our computers nowadays that it’s essential to have a mobile solution–i.e. a laptop–that works properly, with the latest software and add-ons, therefore save money tips that can aid us in doing so are more valuable than ever. When you’re trying to save on laptops the problem is that retailers will always price them higher than comparable desktop computers with similar specs, mostly because mobile components are smaller and therefore more expensive. For this reason it’s important to get aggressive if you are in the market for a new laptop. The good news is that there are ways to purchase laptops cheaply, and I’ve got a great save money tip for you in this area today.

Take for instance the Discount Laptop Shop. This company has been in business for 15 years and is a Microsoft registered refurbisher, selling only Dell original products and parts. Now before you head for the hills at he thought of buying a ‘used’ laptop just to save money, I’d advise you to think carefully about this. The last three laptops my wife and I have purchased have been refurbished, and I’ve promised myself I’ll never buy new again.

Why do I advocate buying refurbished, as one of the preeminent saving money tips I can suggest relative to laptops or computers generally? First, look at the 30-day money back guarantee as well as the 90-day replacement warranty. Second, consider that at prices that are this low, buying a laptop assembled by certified technicians should give you confidence that you have secured good value for money. If your old computer is giving you trouble, you’ll save lots of money and time by starting with a fresh new machine.

Here’s one more reason why this particular offer is a great way to save on laptops. While these computers look to be of excellent quality, they are mid-range computers in terms of their specifications (hard drive size, screen size) so you aren’t paying for power and features that you don’t need, and sometimes not paying for what you don’t use is one of the best save money tips you can run accross.. Saving money on a laptop has probably never been so simple.

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